Care & Maintenance

Proper Maintenance of Your Piano

Maintaining the quality of your Cristofori piano requires only a few common sense precautions: play it frequently, keep it clean and free from extreme climactic conditions, and have it serviced regularly. Cristofori pianos are praised for their durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. However, any piano will perform longer and better when maintained well and kept in a stable environment. Avoid direct sun, very dry or damp conditions, and wide swings in temperature. A comfortable room environment without extremes in temperature or humidity is ideal for your piano.

Care of the Piano Finish

Treat the finish of your with piano with the same care as any piece of fine furniture. Remove dust with a feather-type duster. Clean fingerprints or other marks with a slightly dampened soft cloth, then finish by wiping with a soft, dry cloth. For satin finishes, always move your cloth in the same direction as the original surface indicates (for natural wood finishes, move with the grain). For removing stubborn soil and fingerprints, use special cleaners for either satin or high-gloss finishes. Waxes or standard furniture polishes are not recommended.

Key Surfaces

For all Cristofori pianos, the keys may be cleaned with a damp cloth. After cleaning, wipe keys immediately with a soft, dry cloth. At all times, be careful to keep moisture from entering the spaces between the key surfaces. If used sparingly, a mild soap (such as dishwashing liquid) can aid in removing heavy soil from the keys. Never use alcohol, solvents or abrasives for cleaning the key surfaces.

Cleaning the Interior

Your piano will last longer and perform better if the interior is cleaned at periodic intervals. The frequency will depend on your specific climate and location. To avoid damage to the precision action parts and strings, this cleaning should only be done by a qualified piano technician.

Tuning and Maintenance

Every piano must be tuned regularly. While the length of time between tunings depends on many factors, the key issues are the amount of use the piano receives and the stability of temperature and humidity in the piano's environment. In general, Cristofori recommends two to four tunings per year. Regular service by a qualified piano technician will ensure the continuing enjoyment that comes only from a properly tuned and regulated instrument.